My kids....My heart

My kids....My heart

Sunday, October 4, 2009

When You Love Someone

I can’t imagine a life without love. I have been so incredibly blessed my entire life. At a very tender age, way too young to admit here, I found someone to share my life with. Love is not easy, love even sometimes twists your heart and blurs your thoughts. But love never destroys.

For days my mind has relentlessly tried to make sense of why a woman would stay in what appears to the rest of the world as a destructive and painful relationship. The answer came to me, not in words, but in pure emotion. As I lay with my husband, cuddled in a very tender moment, I realized how beautifully peaceful love is. Those moments of perfect connection to another human being are a small glimpse of the full Glory of God. Perfect love. I realized that those fleeting moments of intimacy are so perfect and so full of love that for the emotionally battered it must make up for the abuses and ugliness that emerge in the rest of the relationship. That realization brought me to tears.

Our hearts and minds crave the pure and unconditional connection to another human being so much so that we’ll accept all the pain that goes with it. Love does blur the mind. I can not sit in the chair of judgment. I have been blessed to have unconditional love reciprocated. My heart breaks for all of those among us who have never basked in the glory of someone else’s pure love. My sincerest prayer for those who have suffered abuse disguised as love is for the healing of the heart, strengthening of the mind and the ability to love fully and to be loved fully in return.