My kids....My heart

My kids....My heart

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Love Is The Answer

For some reason, when the world starts falling apart around us, we start searching for real answers. When our lives appear to be running smoothly we must feel like we have the all the answers; then along comes misery to remind us that perhaps we don’t. I certainly don’t want to give the impression that I have been wallowing in misery but most definitely the last several months have been full of days that have tested my strength. I would have said faith but I have always considered myself short in that category ~ to this day I am working on it.

So recently, I picked up a book by my favorite author, Marianne Williamson and I read the following line, "Human relationships exist to produce love." I tried to continue down the page but my eyes returned to that sentence over and over. I’m not sure that any other words I’ve ever read have made so much sense. I not only heard the words in my head as I read them, but I felt them. I felt them in my stomach and I felt them wrap themselves warmly around my heart.

On Tuesday morning, I was sitting in a pew at a church during Ray Holt’s funeral service, listening to his son, Colby, speak about the love of his father. I know his relationship with his dad was, at times, complicated but when his father departed this earth his love is what came to the surface. When Colby spoke about the love he had for his father it was pure. His father’s love endured death and will reside in Colby forever. Ultimately Colby’s relationship with his dad existed to produce that love. There may have been many other things that tried to get in the way, but in the end love triumphed and you could see it and feel it in the room that day.

I will occasionally read back through my own blogs, and recently, even some writings from over 20 years ago. It helps me remember who I am and who I once was. In most of my writings, love, on some level, has been the theme. When the world starts falling apart around us love is what sustains us. Love is the answer. It’s not hard to know that when you look into the eyes of your children or the man you adore. It absolutely proves itself to be true when you embrace your mother or receive a tender hug from a long time friend at the exact time you need it most.

I am convinced that the purpose of our lives on this earth is to create happiness for ourselves and each other and we can only accomplish this through love. Love is the answer ~ it’s simple and it makes sense.