My kids....My heart

My kids....My heart

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Depression is a Lying Thief

Its dark, heavy shadow consumes your mind - leaving you unable to think
It suffocates you with pain until you can no longer breathe
It steals your breath, then seeps into your heart and covers it like an old shrunken glove
Until, finally it has rendered you unable to love

Depression is a lying thief

It will conquer your body and it is unwilling to leave
The only movement allowed is a solitary tear, streaming down your face
Unable to rest gently on your cheek because the weight of the world brings it crashing onto your soft, silky sheets
Each tear represents suffering that is soul deep
As it takes every bit of your strength just to weep

Saturday, June 1, 2013

It's a good life....

Oh, it’s a good life. But its not her life

Not the one she envisioned so long ago

She was a poet.    A free spirit with a story sometimes she wanted to tell

Indeed, she has a pretty sweet life – but its not her life

Her life was going to be magical with beauty never ending  -  lived under a mystical spell.

Where is this girl – I remember thinking I knew her so well

I see glimpses of her now,  but I think it’s a veil

She’s living a good life – just not the life she dreamt

And it takes her breath when realizes that she can’t always recall where her time was spent

Where is that girl that dreamed big –  that love and her pen  could change the world?

She’s busy living a good life – just not the life she dreamt.