My kids....My heart

My kids....My heart

Friday, June 25, 2010

Twenty Five Years

Nothing reminds us more about of the passage of time than hearing from a high school friend. It is inconceivable to me that 25 years of my life have come and gone so quickly. Twenty five years…… one husband, two children, a million memories.

Life is lived one day at a time but have I made every day count? As our lives unfold, right in front of our eyes, we need reminded to make every day count. The last 25 years have been loaded with undeniably the best that life has to offer. Those same 25 years have also been laden with days I choose to forget.

Twenty four years ago, I married my high school sweetheart. Although we dated for what felt like forever, I was still shocked the day he asked me to be his wife. In a way, it felt like we just met – like I realized in that moment that he loved me and promised to love me forever. Nothing in life is more precious than knowing someone loves you.

Seventeen years ago, I became a mother. Years of unsuccessful fertility treatments left me feeling hopeless that I would ever bask in the glory of motherhood. If you’ve known me more than a minute, you know that I believe with my whole heart that God blessed me with the most incredible mother on the planet. I so wanted to mother in a way that reflected the love that I have always been given from my own mom. When Katherine entered our lives on January 16, 1993, I was given the chance to be to her what my mom had been to me. Katherine is an amazing and beautiful young woman. I’d love to share the credit for how wonderful she is, but sometimes God just gives you the best.

Nearly fifteen years ago, I was blessed with a son. As deeply as mothers love their daughters they are simply in love with their sons. When Katherine overheard me saying how difficult it will be for me when Jes loves another woman and eventually gets married, her feelings were hurt. I explained to her that as my daughter she would always be mine but I knew my son would eventually hold another women closer to his heart ~ it’s the way God intended. For now, he’s still mine. Jes is a unique and incredibly handsome young man. I guess sometimes God gives you the best, twice.

This morning, I took a mental journey over the past twenty five years of my life. My journey has been blessed by marriage and motherhood. Together, Wynn & I have weathered illness, lost jobs and lost loved ones. Together, we have celebrated better health, new jobs and the blessings of new life. This journey has been filled with friendships found and friendships lost and friendships found again. I sit in absolute awe of how quickly the years have gone.

Have I made every day count? How I would love to say yes, but I know with certainty that the more truthful answer is no.

Today is the first day of the next twenty five years. I’m going to make it count.