My kids....My heart

My kids....My heart

Saturday, June 1, 2013

It's a good life....

Oh, it’s a good life. But its not her life

Not the one she envisioned so long ago

She was a poet.    A free spirit with a story sometimes she wanted to tell

Indeed, she has a pretty sweet life – but its not her life

Her life was going to be magical with beauty never ending  -  lived under a mystical spell.

Where is this girl – I remember thinking I knew her so well

I see glimpses of her now,  but I think it’s a veil

She’s living a good life – just not the life she dreamt

And it takes her breath when realizes that she can’t always recall where her time was spent

Where is that girl that dreamed big –  that love and her pen  could change the world?

She’s busy living a good life – just not the life she dreamt.

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