My kids....My heart

My kids....My heart

Saturday, December 13, 2014

All of Me

I ache to find the key that opens my heart to all of me.
I yearn for the moments when life’s beauty steals the breath from my lungs.  And you and I and every other beating heart becomes one.  
My heart beats loudly with the desire to see only the beauty in each and every one.   
Life is fleeting.
I feel it moving its way beneath my feet as I search for a way to seize each moment and become who I was born to be.  
Living small, knowing that life was meant to be grand is very much the same as being a thief.   
A lifetime has been spent searching outwardly for answers that have always lived in me.
Undoubtedly, in those answers, is where I’ll find the key – 
I ask myself, am I ready to be all of me?


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Anonymous said...

Beautiful words from a beautiful lady.