My kids....My heart

My kids....My heart

Thursday, February 6, 2014



On a  warm, sunny January day,  I was exiting the cemetery after a brief but comforting visit with a few of the people in my life that have departed this temporary home and I was struck by the beauty and grief of this man sitting alone with his departed loved one.   On this particular day, I was feeling a profound sadness in my own heart.  The only place I could place my sorrow was at the feet of those no longer able themselves to feel it.   

When my eyes fell upon this beautiful, lonely man, I was suddenly aware of the overwhelming sense of love he must have felt for the person he was spending his day with.    Sadness in my own heart gave way to compassion for the sadness in his.   As I snapped the photo of him, so many words flooded my mind.  Words like sadness, sorrow, grief, loneliness and pain.   Also loud and clear was the word love.

Love is the eternal word.   It is everlasting -without end.    Love has the power to transcend death.  

What a beautiful message from an old man sitting in a chair alone with the one he loves.

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